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Client Testimonials

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Raiona Primus

I had a wonderful experience with Debbie last week, I went for some past life regression (this was my first experience and I've had no hypnotherapy before so was unsure what to expect!)
But Debbie is such a wonderful person, so calming and assuring! The regression was very interesting and documented for me to keep, and not once did I feel uneasy!
I'd certainly recommend any therapies with this lovely lady, I'll most definitely be back for more! Thank you!


Annamarie Delmar

I was unbelievably Needle phobic, to the point where I would breakdown hysterically. I am currently pregnant and knew that I had to have a lot of blood tests and vaccinations, so I decided to get Hypnotherapy with Debbie. I was a little sceptical due to me being so scared and I could never sleep the night before.
I had the Hypnotherapy a few weeks ago and in the space of a week had two vaccinations and a blood test (two in one day) I am so happy!!! I have been calm and collected, and not freaked out or petrified like I was. The staff and Midwives at the hospital think its amazing because of the change. Thank you so much Debbie, its made my life so much easier


Mantha Radford

Had my first ever reiki healing with Debbie today and wow! What an amazing surreal experience. I immediately felt the benefits and would recommend to anyone needing pain relief or de-stressing or help sleeping. I will be having this regularly, it’s like Debbie has magic hands - Thankyou xx



Amazing reiki treatment, very calming, uplifting and healing. Thankyou!


Lucie Bird

I had the stress release one with Debbie, after my stress anxiety had started to be bad. Wow I have felt amazing, afterwards. Couldn’t recommend her enough. I will be going back again xx


Sharon Buxton

Debbie was very professional. The treatment room was inviting and relaxing. Had a very positive experience. Will definitely be returning.


Alix Horner

Had a reading last night, if you enjoy this type of thing I really recommend


Martjin Van Calcar

did Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy with Debbie... given up for over 4 weeks now and still going strong! Anytime I have cravings, I have a sip of water and they're gone. Absolutely amazing!

Testimonials: Testimonials
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